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Nadrah bint Valizan al-Garnitiyya
Northern Shires
Order of the Pelican2008-03-01 
Order of the Wain2004-08-19 
Order of the Crucible2007-05-18 
Award of Orion2001-06-30 
Award of the Maidens Heart2002-05-04 
Awards of Arms1999-03-20 
Award of the Queens Favour2010-09-05 Queen Dagmar
Was0000-00-00 Muirghein inghean ui Bruaideadha
No Group Info
AKA0000-00-00 Yoshikuri Nagoyo
Naimh of Ben Dunfirth
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Awards of Arms2001-06-16 
Award of the Queens Favour2001-09-15 
Nain d'Islandia
No Group Info
Now0000-00-00 Naon na Chruitire
Naja Kesali Orekh
No Group Info
Award of the Maidens Heart2002-10-11 
Award of Orion2004-02-21 
Awards of Arms1998-05-16 MK
Was0000-00-00 Ivanna the Oblivious
Was0000-00-00 Anastasia von Greenhithe
Order of the Bear Heart2002-06-29 
Award of the Golden Bear2004-09-11 
Nakahara Masako
Barony of Skraeling Althing
Bunny Tail2012-02-16 
Naon na Chruitire
Sadly Missed by Loved Ones
Order of the Laurel1988-11-12 MK
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1983-05-14 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1988-03-26 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Arms1981-06-27 MK
Was0000-00-00 Nain d'Islandia
Award of the Bear Claw1990-09-22 
Order of the Black Hare1982-11-13 
Order of the Hare Salient1986-11-01 
Closed Principality Honours1990-09-22 MK Award of Tangwystl's Favour
Natasha Martya's Daughter
Barony of Ramshaven
Award of the Wolf Cub2002-07-13 
Nathaniel Jonessone 'The Dane'
Barony of Skraeling Althing
Award of the Maidens Heart2012-05-12 
Award of Orion2014-06-28 
Awards of Arms1993-11-13 MK
Award of the Bear Claw1992-01-30 
Great Chalice of Skraeling Althing2012-11-03 
Neala Andhrimnirsdottir
Barony of Septentria
Award of the Maidens Heart2017-03-25 
Award of the Scarlet Banner2017-07-01 
Awards of Arms2013-09-28 
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2013-09-28 
Neela of Trinovantia
Shire of Trinovantia Nova
Awards of Arms2017-03-04 
Nele ap Lewellyn
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Award of Orion2002-01-05 
Awards of Arms1984-04-28 MK
Was0000-00-00 Niall of der Welfengau
Award of the Boar Tusk2003-05-31 
Nelson of Ben Denfirth
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Awards of Arms1990-04-07 MK
Nemi the Quiet
Barony of Septentria
Scroll of Honour2016-06-04 Youth Feast Team Pikemans Pleasure
Nemka Einarsdottir
Award of the Scarlet Banner2017-02-04 
Awards of Arms2016-08-11 
Order of the Bear Heart2016-08-10 
Nevik of Ben Dunfirth
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Award of the Wolf Cub2003-11-15 
Neyteri Grypas of the Erainn
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2018-05-26 
Niall of der Welfengau
Barony of Ramshaven
Now0000-00-00 Nele ap Lewellyn
Niall the Victualler
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2006-03-25 
Nicholas of Arkengarth
Barony of Septentria
Was2000-01-01 Imrahael of Arkengarth
Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester - Per pale gules and Or, five mullets two, two, and 1 counterchanged, a bordure sableView emblazon
Barony of Septentria
Order of the Laurel1996-04-20 MK
Order of the Pelican2003-09-27 
Court Baron/Baroness2009-07-04 
Order of Thorbjorns Hammer2011-09-24 
Grants of Rank (Foreign)1997-09-13 MK Order of the Dragon's Heart
Award of the Scarlet Banner2009-10-31 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1993-04-24 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1995-09-30 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Rank (Foreign)2000-10-14 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Rank (Foreign)2002-08-15 MK Order of the Dragon's Barb
Awards of Arms1992-04-04 MK reaffirmed 1992/05/30
Scroll of Honour1996-07-01 
Scroll of Honour2007-07-01 scribe and illuminator responsible for the Scroll of Honor
Scroll of Honour2009-09-16 Scribal Contributions throughout the Reign of Roak IV and Jocea II
Scroll of Honour2013-08-01 contributions to awards during the reign
Scroll of Honour2017-04-29 Scribes of Siegfried II and Xristinia
Award of the Queens Favour2017-10-21 
Scroll of Honour2017-10-28 Finalist Missile Tournament of Renown
Was0000-00-00 Rigunth of Bern
Order of the Bear Heart1994-01-15 
Closed Principality Honours1992-09-19 MK Order of the Golden Otter reaffirmed 1995/03/25
Closed Principality Honours1995-04-15 MK Order of the Peregrine
Closed Principality Honours1995-06-20 MK Order of the Bee
Herald Extraordinary2013-03-02 Rouge Estoile Herald
Herald Extraordinary2013-03-02 Rouge Estoile Herald Extraordinary
Also known as:Emblazon:
Nicolaa de Bracton - Badge - Counter ermine, on a pall Or three crescents gules.View emblazon
Nicolae Cioranu
No Group Info
Award of Orion1999-02-20 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1996-07-06 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Arms1994-10-29 MK
White Bear Fian1997-07-26 
Closed Principality Honours1997-08-15 MK Award of the Wolf's Tooth
Cup of Teacht Caertha Mor (Closed)1997-01-11 
Nicole Lebel of Tor Brant
Barony of Skraeling Althing
Bunny Tail2013-04-13 
Nicolina of Calontir
Out of Kingdom
Scroll of Honour2014-03-29 For Donations of Newcomer Cups during the reign
Nigel MacFarlane
Barony of Septentria
DO NOT USE 2013-01-01 
Nigel MacFarlane.
Barony of Septentria
Dukes & Duchesses2014-04-26 Reign 2013-09-28 to 2014-04-26
Heir to Trumbrand II and Kayla II
Additional Reigns2016-04-23 Heir to Quilliam III and Domhnail II
Counts, Earls & Countesses2010-04-24 Heirs to Roak IV & Jocea II 2009/09/26
Knights of the Order of Chivalry2003-07-26 MK
Award of Orion2011-07-02 
Foreign Honours2002-02-02 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Foreign Honours2002-06-15 MK Order of the Red Company
Foreign Honours2002-06-29 MK CGM
Foreign Honours2002-09-07 MK Award of the King''s Chalice
Foreign Honours2008-06-20 CAL Order of the Iren Fera
Award of the Kings Favour2005-09-24 
Award of the Kings Favour2007-09-22 
Award of the Bear Claw2008-05-17 
Order of the Bear Heart2008-05-17 
Nikolai Domingo de Vallejo - Argent, on a bend vert between a rapier bendwise and a rapier bendwise inverted sable a wolf's head erased palewise contourny between two roses argent.View emblazon
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Court Baron/Baroness-Ret.Territorial2012-10-13 
Award of the Scarlet Banner2004-06-19 
Awards of Arms2003-03-01 
Was2011-09-17 Baron of BenDunfirth 2007-06-15
Award of the Boar Tusk2005-06-18 
Company of the Rising Phoenix2012-06-09 Lord Commander
Also known as:Emblazon:
Reg. Badge 1 - (Fieldless)A wolf’s head bendwise contourney erased argent
Nikolai Leeman
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2017-08-10 
Award of the Wolf Cub2007-10-27 
Bunny Tail2010-11-06 
Njáll Eriksson
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2018-09-06 
Noelle Osenne du Calais
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2006-04-08 
Award of the Guidon de Sang2004-12-11 
Nolgar Ulfursson
No Group Info
Was0000-00-00 Sexton
Award of the Bear Claw1992-08-30 
Norman the Frank
No Group Info
Awards of Arms1998-03-28 MK
Normand Hauberker - Sable, on a bend sinister embattled-counter-embattled argent, three sets of three annulets interlaced palewise two and one vert.View emblazon
No Group Info
Award of the Maidens Heart2005-02-19 
Award of Orion2006-05-13 work in chainmaille
Awards of Arms2002-05-25 
Award of the Kings Favour2005-04-23 King Malik
Award of the Chalice's Crystal2002-06-23 
Award of the Boar Tusk2003-10-18 
Northern Outpost
Barony of Skraeling Althing
Order of the Hare Salient2012-05-12 
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