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Group Info:

Ulfus Barnekarisson
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2006-05-20 
Ullrich Weise
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2004-09-04 
Ulric of Greyfells
Barony of Skraeling Althing
Bunny Tail2010-03-22 
Ulric the Lawless
Barony of Skraeling Althing
Award of the Scarlet Banner2018-04-28 
Awards of Arms2016-08-16 
Bunny Tail2012-07-21 
Ulrich Jaeger von Geuse
Barony of Skraeling Althing
Awards of Arms2010-11-06 
Bunny Tail2010-06-26 
Ulrich of Lochac
Out of Kingdom
Award of the Kings Favour2002-08-16 
AKA0000-00-00 of the House Iron Lance
Ulrich von der See
Sadly Missed by Loved Ones
Award of the Maidens Heart2000-08-16 
Awards of Arms1998-06-06 MK
Order of the Bear Heart1999-08-21 
Award of the Bear Claw2000-08-19 
Closed Principality Honours1998-08-13 MK Award of the Wolf's Tooth
Ulvar van der Nederlanden
Barony of Septentria
Order of Thorbjorns Hammer2002-09-28 
Order of the Wain2004-09-18 
Grants of Rank (Foreign)1996-07-06 MK Order of the Greenwood Company
Awards of Arms1992-09-12 MK
Scroll of Honour1996-08-14 
Award of the Queens Favour2003-09-20 
Scroll of Honour2017-10-28 Finalist Missile Tournament of Renown
Award of the Bear Claw1993-08-21 
Order of the Bear Heart2002-04-20 
Horn of Muninn (Closed)2004-01-17 
Una of the Ubershire
Northern Shires
Awards of Arms2008-08-30 
Una Sewenna
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Award of Orion2007-09-15 
Awards of Arms1999-01-30 per St. Martin OP
Scroll of Honour2008-03-01 Donations of numerous scroll blanks during
the Reign of Trumbrand and Kaylah
Scroll of Honour2009-09-19 Scribal Contributions throughout the Reign of Roak IV and Jocea II
Was0000-00-00 of St. Martin
Award of the Boar Tusk2002-11-30 
Uracca de la Mar
Barony of Septentria
Urraca de la Mar
Barony of Septentria
Order of the Crucible2012-03-24 
Award of Orion2007-06-02 
Awards of Arms2005-06-04 
Scroll of Honour2006-04-08 Finalist Tournament of Renown
Edward and Rylyn - Archery
Scroll of Honour2015-09-19 seamstress to the reign of Steinnar and Lidr
Barony of Ramshaven
Awards of Arms1997-10-04 MK per Ramshaven OP
Award of the Guidon de Sang1998-05-09 
Urso de Mercia
No Group Info
Awards of Arms1999-06-18 
Ursula na Clan na Rath
No Group Info
Court Baron/Baroness1995-07-01 MK
Order of the Wain2004-05-01 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1992-04-04 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1997-10-11 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Arms1982-12-28 MK
Order of the Bear Heart2000-07-01 
Award of the Barons Favour1999-08-01 
Closed Principality Honours1992-08-13 MK Order of the Bee
Closed Principality Honours1996-09-21 MK Order of the Golden Otter
Ursula Tudor
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Awards of Arms1996-03-16 MK
Award of the Boar Tusk1995-06-17 
Closed Principality Honours1998-01-24 MK Order of the Bee
Ushko Rudenko
Barony of Ramshaven
AKA0000-00-00 Seamus
Award of the Guidon de Sang1995-11-25 
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