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Yamagata Tokifune
Shire of March of St. Martin
Award of the Scarlet Banner2013-10-26 
Yamamoto Morikazu
No Group Info
Award of the Scarlet Banner2012-06-09 
Award of Orion2013-06-08 
Award of the Maidens Heart2016-08-11 
Awards of Arms2011-04-30 
Yaron of Ealdormere - Per pale purpure and argent, two wolf's heads erased, addorsed, and conjoined counterchanged and a bordure embattled per pale argent and sable.
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2006-08-17 
Yasmine the Archer
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2007-03-03 
Award of the Wolf Cub2005-03-12 
Was0000-00-00 Jasmine
Yllaria de Comport
Barony of Rising Waters
Award of Orion2011-05-07 
Award of the Maidens Heart2013-08-01 
Awards of Arms2006-12-02 
Award of the Spider2011-05-07 
Ymir the Thinnest Viking
Barony of Septentria
Awards of Arms2004-02-07 
Yog Rhys Mordwyn
No Group Info
Award of Orion2001-06-30 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1985-08-17 MK Order of the Dragon's Tooth
Awards of Arms1985-04-13 MK
Award of the Bear Claw1985-08-18 
Award of the Chalice's Crystal1990-06-24 
Award of the Chalice's Crystal1999-06-18 
Yolanthe O'Domnail
No Group Info
Awards of Arms1984-04-28 MK
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
AKA2000-01-01 Kurushima Yoshiatsu
Yoshikichi Hashiro
Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Awards of Arms2002-05-11 
Award of the Boar Tusk2001-12-06 
Yoshikuri Nagayori - Argent, three maple leaves in pall stems outward within a bordure sable.View emblazon
No Group Info
Order of Thorbjorns Hammer2006-05-13 
Award of the Scarlet Banner2002-09-28 
Award of Orion2003-03-01 
Award of the Maidens Heart2006-10-07 
Awards of Arms1999-01-30 
Scroll of Honour2006-04-08 Finalist Tournament of Renown Edward and Rylyn - Heavy Weapons
Award of the Queens Favour2008-04-26 given by Queen Kaylah
Scroll of Honour2012-08-08 Fightings skills on the field at Pennsic
AKA0000-00-00 Naga
Youth Combat Marshals
No Group Info
Award of the Amber Crystal2006-07-15 
Yrick de Mornay
No Group Info
Award of Orion1999-07-24 
Award of the Maidens Heart2001-06-16 
Awards of Arms1997-04-12 MK
Award of the Guidon de Sang1998-12-12 
Ysabeau de Comport
Barony of Rising Waters
Award of the Maidens Heart2009-11-28 
Award of Orion2013-08-01 
Awards of Arms2009-01-31 
Ysabeau de la Fois
No Group Info
Foreign Honours1995-11-04 MK Award of the Wolf's Cub
Ysabeau Herbier de Vauvert
Barony of Septentria
Award of the Maidens Heart2009-07-04 
Foreign Honours1995-03-25 MK Order of the Golden Otter
Foreign Honours1996-06-29 MK Order of the Bee
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1998-03-28 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Arms1993-11-27 MK
Order of the Bear Heart2002-03-23 
Ysabel Balfour
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2005-06-04 
Ysena inghean Mac Domhnuill
No Group Info
Awards of Arms2005-10-15 
Yusef of South Tower
No Group Info
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1983-03-26 MK Order of the Silver Oak
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1984-07-21 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Foreign Honours1992-11-14 MK Order of the Bee
Awards of Arms1981-05-02 MK
Order of the Hare Salient1982-06-02 
Yvette de Sancler
Barony of Septentria
Order of the Crucible2017-10-21 
Award of the Maidens Heart2010-02-06 
Award of Orion2014-01-11 
Awards of Arms2008-05-10 
Yvon DuBois
Barony of Septentria
Awards of Arms1998-04-04 MK
Yvonnne of Eoforwic
No Group Info
Now0000-00-00 Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell
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