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Group Info:

Award of the Wolf Cub
Jamie FitzMordain Blackcloak1995-09-30 mk
Kylie MacIver1996-03-16 
Loki the Mighty1996-07-13 MK
Laurelin of Galador1997-02-22 MK
Charles Silverlake1997-08-14 
Cody of Vest Yorvik1998-08-13 
Kayla Kertai2000-01-22 
Alexandra ben Shidhe2000-10-14 
Randwulf Horgarthsson2000-10-14 
Ean Rolo2001-05-27 
Andrew Malcolm McLeod Rolo2001-07-07 
Evan James MacMillan2001-08-14 
Natasha Martya's Daughter2002-07-13 
Elizabeth of Caldrithig2002-07-13 
Jared Edwardsson2002-10-26 
Otto the Black2003-01-26 
Heloise deTaahe2003-02-15 
Alexandria Black2003-05-03 
Tok of Upper Ben Dunfirth2003-06-14 
Sage of House Marchmount2003-09-27 
Nevik of Ben Dunfirth2003-11-15 
Genevieve Constable2004-09-04 
Gajin Suren2005-03-12 
Yasmine the Archer2005-03-12 
Kagia Eagi2005-03-12 
Bianca of Rising waters2005-09-24 
Rhiannon Braithwaite2006-04-08 
Adelaide van der Eych2006-07-01 
Sarah of the March2006-09-23 helpful at events,in the kitchen,active in the Minor Combat community
William of the March2006-09-23 helpful at all attended events
Orik of the March2006-09-23 help at events, setup and teardown of lists, researching period crafts
Amber of Litchfield2006-09-23 
Margaret du Lac2007-01-13 
Hrorikr zem Himel2007-03-31 
Tormot Quilliam2007-07-27 
Athena of Ealdormere2007-08-25 
Ellie of Ealdormere2007-08-25 
Serenity of Ealdormere2007-08-25 
Cristoffe Leeman2007-10-27 
Nikolai Leeman2007-10-27 
Alister Cooper2008-08-30 
Jasmyne of House Galbraith2008-09-20 
Alex Pendason2008-09-20 
Gerd Buttercup Thorn2008-09-20 
Sydnie of Tor Brant2009-05-16 
Mykaila of Tor Brant2009-05-16 
Belle O'Connor of House Galbraith2009-05-23 
Raven O'Connor of House Galbraith2009-05-23 
Jasmyne of House Galbraith2010-03-19 
Elizabeth the Fierce2010-04-24 
Tamara Von Eisengrim2010-07-03 
Arden of Bryniau Tywynogg2012-04-27 
Sheri Volodmyrsdottir2012-04-27 
Crystobell dela Rose2012-05-12 
Jobjorn Lethrablaka2012-05-20 
Sage of House Marchmount2012-07-01 
Katla the Fiery2012-11-24 
Zoe of House Marchmount2013-11-16 
Liam of House Marchmount2013-11-16 
Annalise (aka Fiona)2013-11-30 
Gwerith of Brynniau Tywynnog 2014-03-02 
Dannon Galbraith2014-05-16 
Mateo of Skraeling Althing2014-06-21 
Autumn of Ben Dunfirth now called Sachin Biyed2014-10-04 
L'lyn Marie2014-11-01 
Leia of Ealdormere2015-05-16 
Rothgar son of Rorik2015-08-06 
Saraphina of Caldrithig2016-03-19 
Alana the Quiet2016-03-19 
Dawn Galbraith2016-04-23 
Brunhild of the March2016-07-02 
Arromir the Archer2016-11-05 
Arngeirr Svennson2016-11-05 
Liam of House Marchmount2016-11-26 
Issac Hoskuldsson2016-12-03 
Aibhilin verch Ieuan2017-05-13 
David the Younger2017-05-29 Quilliam IV and Tangwystl
Isabel de Rivera2017-06-03 
Dagr Kolbjornsson also called Lex2018-07-01 
Margaret Taylor2018-08-09 
Mara of Skraeling Althing2018-08-09 
Arngeirr Svennson2018-09-22 Youth Champion for Baldric and Breyla
Arromir the Archer2018-09-22 Youth Champion for Baldric and Breyla
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