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Bunny Tail
Debbie of Greyfells0000-00-00 
Leod Dudh2009-08-04 
Mykaila of Tor Brant2009-08-04 
Meabh Dudh2009-08-04 
Pierce MacTavish2009-08-04 
Dubhease ingen Laoidheach2009-08-04 
Craig of Caldrithig2010-01-09 
Tomas Pascoal2010-02-20 
Josh of Caldrithig2010-02-20 
Yngvildr Ádísardóttir2010-02-20 
Adelyhayt Von Richter2010-02-20 
Catherine Townson2010-02-20 
Margaret de Lyon2010-02-26 
Leah Pike of Greyfells2010-03-22 
Annette of Skraeling Althing2010-03-22 
Mateo of Skraeling Althing2010-03-22 
Ulric of Greyfells2010-03-22 
Thora Volundsdottir2010-03-22 
Samantha of Greyfells2010-03-22 
Maunus Statielkanpoika 2010-03-22 
Isabel of Tor Brant2010-05-15 
Devora of Harrowgate Heath2010-05-15 
Marina Langchamps2010-05-15 
Elsebeth Ffarberyn2010-06-26 
Sarah the Playful2010-06-26 
Ulrich Jaeger von Geuse 2010-06-26 
Carl of Harrowgate2010-06-26 
Margaret du Lac2010-08-05 
Ernst Brock2010-08-05 
Michael Kluchurt2010-11-06 
Nikolai Leeman2010-11-06 
Cristoffe Leeman2010-11-06 
Shahid al-Hasan2010-11-06 
Orianne of Greyfells2011-01-15 
Gorge Torse2011-02-26 
Isolde de Lengadoc2011-02-26 
Aeron Harper2011-02-26 
Hostilius Mendax 2011-04-09 
George of Skraeling Althing2011-04-09 
Guillaume Dangeau2011-04-09 
Bridget of Cornwall2011-06-25 
Kanina Mac 'Am Gilverdatter2011-06-25 
John MacMorrow2011-06-25 
Fulke of Atholl2011-06-25 
Stephen of Cornwall2011-06-25 
Lisa of Harrowgate Heath2011-06-26 
Laurenz Tonnemacher2011-07-24 
Ilsebet Jeghersche2011-07-24 
Catherine Rose Lamont2011-11-12 
Guillaume Dangeau2011-11-19 
Pesha #Gypsy2011-11-19 
Nakahara Masako2012-02-16 
Amycia Harte2012-02-16 
Tristan of Caldrithig2012-02-16 
Lucie Peltiere2012-02-20 
Geoffrey the Pretty2012-02-25 
Rose the Red2012-02-25 
Selwyn the Chased2012-02-25 
Andrew McTavish2012-04-07 
Michael the Shieldmaker2012-06-23 
Maion of Harrowgate Heath2012-06-23 
James Edgarson2012-06-23 
Gwendolyn of Aldburg 2012-06-23 
Ulric the Lawless2012-07-21 
Jane Caldwell2012-11-03 
Bartholomew the Pious2013-04-13 
Nicole Lebel of Tor Brant2013-04-13 
Brayla la Vienette2013-04-13 
Magnus Strykewind2013-06-15 
Konstantin Voronov2013-06-15 
Sister Margeretta2013-07-06 
Brother Paulus2013-07-06 
Margaret Taylor2013-09-28 
Tola Gudrundun2013-09-28 
Christine of Cornwall2013-09-28 
Gotfrid of Cornwall2013-09-28 
Milandra Longwei2016-07-02 
Otille of Skraeling Althing2016-07-02 
Elizabeth Lincoln2018-05-01 Date as place holder
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